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Smart Chip Credit Cards

Smart credit cards works and looks just like a regular low interest rate credit card but differs in that it contains an electronic chip rather than a magnetic stripe. 

So how does that provide added security? Well, a smart chip is embedded on the surface of a smart credit card such as American Express Blue, which holds a 32K microprocessor. This fingernail size chip has a memory equivalent to that of a brand new computer in the 1980's. The smart-chip is capable of generating 72 quadrillion or more possible encryption keys and thus making it practically impossible to decode information in the chip without authorization from the cardholder. The chip can also stores electronic data and programs that are protected by advanced security features. Since the smart-chip is so powerful, when a smart card is paired up with a card reader, the smart card has the processing power to serve many different applications. As an access-control device, smart card makes personal and business data available only to the appropriate users and therefore protects your account and private information a lot better than regular credit card!

If you are looking for added security, smart chip credit cards might just be what you are looking for. Smart chip credit cards enable the use of a unique transaction number for a purchase, rather than giving out your credit card details online. With smart cards, you can shop off or online with confidence!

Experts say that internationally accepted Smart Cards will be increasingly available over the next several years. Many parts of the world already use Smart Cards, but their reach is limited. Check with Visa, MasterCard and American Express for low interest rate credit card with smart chip technology.

Featured Smart Chip Credit Cards

Blue Cash® from American Express

smart chip credit card

  • Up to 5% Cash Back with Unlimited Cash Rewards
  • Earn unlimited cash back
  • 0% Intro APR for 6 months
  • Low Balance Transfer rate - 4.99% fixed APR for the life of the balance
  • No Annual Fee

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