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 Refinance High

Refinance High Creative Real Estate Financing Technique #6

Refinance high, buy low if you or a partner have access to sizable amounts of cash, this technique is excellent. You can sometimes buy properties for 75% to 80% of fair market value from people who need to sell  for all cash right away.

In one instance, I was contacted by a seller who learned that I bought investment properties. She needed to sell her property immediately and was willing to sell for a substantial discount, provided I pay all cash and close on the property within thirty days. Having an excellent relationship with a title insurance company and some reserve cash in the bank, I was able to do just that. I bought the property after two inspections in two days at a discount for approximately 27% less than its fair market value. Then, by putting a new equity loan on the property, I was able to take out 100% of the cash that I had invested.

Sometimes, after taking title to the property and making a few minor repairs, you can refinance the property and take out even more cash than you invested. You can free up your cash to repeat the process again, and you will have purchased the property at a substantial discount.

Many professional people have cash available to invest under these circumstances. They have neither time nor expertise to go into the marketplace and find properties like this. If you can enter into a working relationship with just one or two of these people, you can not only generate a good yearly cash flow for yourself, but buy many investment properties as well. A win/win situation is created for both of you.

Specific Situations to Apply Technique #6

Refinance High  

The Property

Property Offered Below Market

Unused Room (s) that Could be Rented


The Buyer


The Seller

Needs All Cash for Equity

Will Refinance: Wants Short Payoff

Must Sell Immediately

Refinance High To Home Equity Loan