Welcome to Bad Credit Mortgage Financing Blog. My name is Nelson and I’ve been dealing in the real estate purchasing and investing industry for over 20 years. I’ve held real estate and appraisal licenses in the beautiful states of Minnesota and Illinois and I also worked as an value tax assessor for a large city assessors office.

I originally created Bad Credit Mortgage Financing website as a tool for helping people learn the different ways to purchase real estate, mainly people with bad credit, and it has grown over the years into a vital learning resource for many interested in obtaining their first property for their own home residence or real estate investment.

There is a lot of false information on the web about mortgages, home loans, creative financing methods and real-estate investing and I have created this blog in the effort to provide an additional valuable resource and increase traffic to these both resources/sites. Please share socially to help these sites popularity and stability.

Thanks for visiting and sharing the love.